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Common Questions

What is the difference between a fiberglass pool and a liner pool?

Fiberglass pools are shipped as a molded preformed “tub.” Imagine a really big bathtub that gets buried in your backyard. The benefit of fiberglass pools is that they are not susceptible to liner tears or abrasions and therefore can be slightly less costly to own in the long term. The downside of fiberglass pools is a general lack of customization and cost.

What is the difference between a salt water pool and a chlorine pool?

Well right now chlorine is a nightmare to source and thus prices are elevated. This has turbo-charged the already growing popularity of salt water pools. Salt water pools are typically easier to maintain, however chlorine was in the past more cost effective. That however has changed in the past few years. A common misconception of salt water pools is that you don’t have any chlorine in your water anymore. That is actually false. Even though you have a “salt water pool,” you still have chlorine in your water. The difference is the method of getting to the chlorine.

How often should I change the sand in my sand filter?

We recommend changing the sand every 3 years, as well as, chemical cleaning your filter twice a season.


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