Advanced Pool Care Subscription

$75 / month


We’re a team!

  • On site weekly water analysis with report

  • 15% off Chemicals

  • Free Chemical Delivery

  • Maintenance & Balancing Chemicals Applied

  • Winter Watch Program

  • 1/2 off Opening & Closing

    *Free chemical delivery will be completed on regularly scheduled visits
    *Some exceptions may apply
    *Terms & Conditions apply

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    Remember the 3 C’s of Pool Care:

    Circulation, Cleaning & Chemistry

    Balanced and clean water is not only important for your swimmer comfort and health, but the health of your pool and equipment too! Water chemistry includes balancers and sanitizers. When balancers (alkalinity, ph, calcium) are off it can lead to itchy skin and equipment damage. When sanitizers (chlorine) are off then bacteria and algae have a chance to grow. Poolside subscriptions take the guesswork out of applying pool chemicals. We provide step by step, easy to read directions including what, how much and when. Remember clear water isn’t always safe water!

    Winter Watch Information

    With our Winter Watch Program we will visit your pool and perform the following:

    • Check the water level to make sure it is at a safe winter level. We will notify you if water is at an unsafe winter level· Check the pool cover and anchoring system. Replace water bags, straps or springs as necessary. (Parts are an additional charge).
    • Check on the equipment pad to make sure the winterization was effective. We will visually inspect all equipment, and skimmers.
    • Inspect pool cover and other visible pool components for possible damage by debris, or weather. (Repairs will be recommended as necessary).
    • For an hourly charge we will remove leaves, debris, and excess snow from water bag covers (if able), and safety cover if thawed. Will pump excess water down if thawed.
    • For above ground pools, we will check safety cover to make sure it is secure and tight.